A Word on BSides Nashville Tickets

Here are some things to know about BSides Nashville and tickets

1. Tickets are required

Lipscomb University is a small venue and we have not been able to secure a larger one at the time of this writing so we have a physical space limitation.  So yes you need a ticket, you need to buy it in advance There will be NO WALKUPS the day of the event

2. We will sell out

See #1

3. There will be a waitlist

Get on it early.  Once we get all staff/speakers/volunteers and sponsors registered we will release more tickets to those on the waitlist.  Again this is based on physical space.  We will continue to release tickets as people tell us they cannot come to the event.  How many will we release? In years past it has been upwards of 50+ because when a ticket is released the next person on the waitlist has 24 hours to claim it and we keep going until all tickets are claimed.  But not everyone on it will get in so join the list early and check your email/junk/spam/etc.

4. Staff do not have tickets to give out

Please be fair to our staff and organizers.  There are no extra tickets, there is no secret stash we hold back. We count everyone and everyone must have a ticket.  If you ask a staff member for a ticket cos you are a friend or you did that thing that once, you are putting them in a position where they will have to tell you no.