Interview and Resume Workshop

Participants and Interviewers Wanted

How are job interviews like the holidays?  They happen infrequently, they are super important to everyone involved, and they can drive us to drink; we can’t be good at them without practice.

Have a career in infosec?  Writing a good resume and interviews are still a skill we should develop.

Thinking about a career change into infosec? It’s a good idea to always have a solid resume ready for unforeseen windfalls (or temporary setbacks). Our volunteer reviewers have decades of combined experience interviewing and vetting IT candidates, and we’re ready to put our experiences to work, for you.

Sign up for resume reviews or mock interviews (focusing on either soft or technical skills!) Certain times will be designated as for walk-in. Please bring a paper copy of your current resume or your own laptop with a digital copy (no USB).

Hiring? Feel free to drop off cards or paper postings first thing or during the walk-in periods.

Make sure you get your ticket and reach out to @dpcybuck on Twitter to sign up