Fox Pick Lockpick Village

Come join us; the FoxPick team in our Lockpick Village! We enjoy teaching anyone who wants to learn how to pick different types of locks or handcuffs! You can come play in the village, meet new people, and learn some new tricks. We also have our Lockpick Challenge, Felix’s Breakout. Help Felix the Fox escape from jail by getting out of a pair of handcuffs and through 3 door locks within 8 minutes and you can win a prize donated by our sponsors. To compete, it is 3 dollars cash or 5 dollars on a card. All money raised will be donated to Hak4Kidz, an event that helps expose young minds to the communal benefits of ethical research, mentorship, and responsible hacking. We really enjoy meeting new people and teaching anyone who wants to learn, especially kids! Please come play and donate and make this our best Lockpick Village of the year!

For more information or just to contact us, you can reach us at @likeidreamof28 and @fox_pick