BSides Nashville is at it again!

We are pleased to announce Lipscomb University is having us back for our 4th year

The event will take place April 22nd, 2017

With the help of our generous sponsors we once again hope to keep the cost low


Tickets ARE SOLD OUT!!!

A Waitlist is Available 

The volunteer list is also full but you can contact to be added to a waitlist

Keynote – Amanda Berlin


Amanda Berlin is an Information Security Architect and infosec groupie. She has spent over a decade in different areas of technology and sectors providing infrastructure support, triage, and design. Amanda is an avid volunteer and has also presented at a large number of conventions, meetings and industry events. Some examples of these are: DerbyCon, CircleCityCon, GrrCon, and DEFCON. She is currently working on co-authoring a Blue Team best practices book titled “The Defensive Security Handbook” as well working on a barrage of other projects. While she doesn’t have the credentials or notoriety that others might have, she hopes to make up for it with her wit, sense of humor, and knack for catching on quick to new technologies. A solid 5/10 for looks, 6/10 for tech, and 5/7 for humor. 


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